Smart Features

Speare, the entrepreneur's word processor, enables you to capture and organize all of your content in one place, helping you to be more efficient and productive. Go to our Learn page to watch the videos and see Speare's features in action.

Elastic Text Box

Capturing thoughts and ideas quickly and succinctly is the first step in the efficient creation of content, and there's no better way to accomplish this than by writing in an elastic text box.

Building Blocks

In Speare, all your thoughts and ideas are encapsulated in building blocks that make it possible to work with your thoughts and ideas to generate carefully crafted content that you can organize and re-purpose for all your marketing needs.

Side-by-side Documents

Documents that you can see and work with simultaneously. Comes in handy when a project requires more than 1 document to keep things organized.

Paragraph Splitting

Separate the sentences within any paragraph. This allows you to quickly rearrange the flow of information within a paragraph or add or take away ideas…or both.


Find content quickly. Search for documents or individual thoughts and find them in a jiffy.


Format your content. Markdown is a standard way to add formatting to your content. Turn ordinary text into headers, bold, italics etc.


Group related documents into a project. This helps you stay organized and allows you to instantly open or close a group of documents within a project.


Share projects with a team to collaborate with others. Makes content creation within companies, teams, or student groups simple.

Blog Channel

Post any document to a Speare blog channel. When you create an account, you automatically receive 1 blog channel to post content to.

Document Export

Export to a variety of formats. This allow you to print a document or download a PDF, Word, or HTML file straight from any document within Speare.

Activity Monitor

See your activity and statistics. Easily track how many words you’ve written on any document.

Images and Video Support

Work with more than just text. Speare lets you add images and video directly inside any document.

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