Just the Write Toolset

Instead of a giant, complicated mess of features, Speare includes just the right set of tools to help you write and get the job done.

Building Blocks

Building blocks are containers for thoughts. Now you can connect thoughts to form valuable ideas.


Organize writing projects on boards and see the big picture all in one place.


Now you can do multiple side-by-side searches and keep all of your writing boards up at the same time. Our search tools helps you filter and find everything you're looking for.

Projects & Collaboration

Organize your projects by grouping related boards. Form teams, and give members the access they need for successful collaboration.


Some things just go together...fish & chips, surf & boards. Why not writing & posting–all on the same platform? It just makes sense.


When you really want to say it right, re-working the thought will often improve it. Make variations while saving previous versions, then choose the best, or use them all to keep your social message fresh.

Paragraph Splitting

Collect your thoughts, then split  paragraphs to fine-tune and re-order individual sentences.


Track word-counts and thought-counts. Manage profiles, data, and licenses.

Document import & Export

Export to a variety of formats. This allows you to print a document or download a PDF, Word, or HTML file straight from any document within Speare.


Never heard of it? Well, it's been around, and is, in fact, a super easy way to do some text-formatting without getting distracted from the main thing–writing. Don't worry, we've got a cheat sheet to help you get familiar with it.

Image & Video Support

Visual scanners are everybody's people group these days and Speare displays your pictures and videos beautifully. Up to 2GB storage included.

Move Tray

When you checkmark something in Speare, the Move Tray pops up and acts as a container for the items you have selected. To move the selected content to a new location, simply drag and drop the Move Tray where you want your content to go. Boom! You’re done.

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