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Writing is a Multi-Step Process



The ability to rapidly record ideas anytime throughout the writing process means no idea is forgotten or misplaced. Capture your ideas quickly using text message style entry, or speech-to-text from your smart phone.



Not only does Speare make it super simple to assemble and organize individual thoughts and ideas in the most effective way, you can also create outlines and move content freely between documents.



Write well by combining your creativity and Speare's building blocks to construct a solid composition in our flexible side-by-side document workspace.

Texting Combined with Side-by-side Docs

Speare combines multiple input methods in a side-by-side document interface to create an optimized writing experience for everyone. This is not your Grandfather's word processor.

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The Freedom to Write Anywhere, Anytime using Building Blocks

When inspiration strikes, you need to be ready. Brainstorm, organize, write, and edit, right from your phone.

The Write Tools for the Job

Input Methods

Input Methods

Whatever style of entry you prefer, Speare makes it easy. Write to the blank page like any traditional word processor, use text-message style entry, or dictate directly to your document using your phone or other hand-held device.

Building Blocks

Building Blocks

Every time you enter text into Speare, it becomes a building block, a powerful tool that gives you the ability to easily arrange your thoughts and ideas by simple drag and drop throughout the writing process.

Side-by-side Documents

Side-by-Side Docs

Sometimes one document isn't good enough. Writing projects require multiple steps and a proper workspace to accomplish them in. See your research, brainstorming ideas, outlines, and drafts all at the same time.

Solo Content

Solo Content

When you want to focus in on one part of your writing, Solo Doc view gives you the distraction-free environment you need so you can concentrate on one area of your work.

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