Successful people simply out-think their competition. Speare gives you the advantage.

The writing you do for your business goes way beyond social media. Capturing and organizing thoughts, exploring ideas with team members, thinking about outcomes... and delivering solutions, all these and more are types of "writing for thinking" that successful business problem-solvers do.

Speare is a web app that runs in your desktop browser on Mac and Windows, and in your mobile browser on your iPad, iPhone, Android phone, Android tablet, and Chromebook.

Capture all your ideas efficiently

Instead of forgetting great ideas that you didn't get written down, or losing the stickies that they were scribbled on—Speare captures your ideas in building blocks—as they come to you, whenever you think of them. Get all of your thoughts recorded in one central location.

Organize by drag and drop

Do you ever feel frustrated when trying to communicate an idea? Logical thought-flow requires massaging your content until it speaks clearly. Instead of awkward cut and paste, building blocks can be duplicated and moved by drag and drop between paragraphs, across documents and projects.

Group and organize documents with projects

Instead of having project documents in "files" that can only be accessed one at a time, Speare brings all your work to one central location—a side-by-side interface that allows you to work with multiple documents at the same time. Projects allow you to categorize all your documents and keep things organized. You can open and close all related documents at once or individually as needed so all your content is at your fingertips.

Organizing content in Speare for a website.

Collaborate with others

Without easy access to content, it's really hard for team members to work together efficiently. Adding team members and customizing access allows everyone to see and contribute to the project as the owner of the project chooses. Real-time edits are displayed when a block is submitted.

Try Speare for free

Take Speare for a spin today and see the difference it can make firsthand.