Goodbye blank page.
Hello Speare.

Completely different from any other writing tool on the planet. To see how different it is watch the video and use it free today.


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Writing is a Multi-Step Process



Great ideas can strike at any time. That's why Speare is built to let content move freely between documents so you can always capture your ideas with confidence, knowing that you can find a better fit for them later.



Much of writing is about organizing your thoughts. Speare's building blocks are designed to make that easy, allowing you to sort your thoughts freely between documents, control their order, and split and merge paragraphs.



Write well by combining your creativity and Speare's building blocks to construct a solid composition in our flexible side-by-side document workspace.

A New Writing Surface

The blank page is an intimidating writing surface. That's why we got rid of it. We've shrunk the size of the writing surface down--way down. It's elastic so it grows and shrinks with the number of words that you put into it.

Thought Blocks

Speare treats paragraphs as separate blocks of thought that can be picked up and moved around. Rearrange your thoughts to create the right flow. Keep your ideas focused and organized by moving them across documents that you can actually work with side-by-side.

The Write Tools for the Job

Input Methods

Friendly Writing

Our text-entry-box grows as you type, so you never have to stare at a blank page.

Building Blocks

Thought Blocks

Easily arrange your thoughts and ideas by simple drag and drop.

Side-by-side Documents

Side-by-Side Docs

Move content freely from doc to doc. Work with your research, brainstorming ideas, outlines, and drafts all at the same time.

Solo Content

Solo Content

When you want to focus in on one part of your writing, Solo Doc view gives you the distraction-free environment you need so you can concentrate on one area of your work.


Start using it now.

No credit card required.

Use it today