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A thought processor
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Now you can take control of your writing with a thought processor. Speare is the writing tool that uses building blocks to make the process of writing as easy and flexible as thinking.

Private & Encrypted

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Automatic Backups

Everything written in Speare is automatically backed-up.

What makes Speare unique from other writing tools?

Speare is a thought processor. Unlike word processors and text editors that focus on formatting and typesetting, a thought processor is designed for thinking and writing. Speare helps you get your thoughts out of your head and into building blocks so you can have full control of your writing process.

Thoughts are building blocks

Writing is easier when you have the freedom to get your thoughts down in any random order. Building blocks are a simple universal interface for capturing and rearranging your thoughts at any time.

Your thoughts on boards

Boards are where building blocks are created, analyzed, and assembled to create all forms of writing. They work great side-by-side, so whether you're writing, outlining, note-taking, researching, or brainstorming, you can see more of everything and move your thoughts where they need to go.

More unique aspects of the thought processor

No more big blank page

A thought processor separates the writing surface from what is already written. It makes writing feel more natural because it separates ideation from analysis and makes the blank page a thing of the past.

Count thoughts, not just words

Word count goals are fine, but they can cause you to ramble. Building blocks make you more aware of your thoughts. And when you focus on thoughts, you're more likely to be both coherent and succinct.

Your Thought library

Your thought library is composed of everything you write. A thought processor makes it easy to search and work with your whole thought library.


A thought processor lets you split paragraphs into their individual sentences and snap them together again. Now you can easily rearrange the sentences within the paragraph just as you would the paragraphs in a board.

Side-by-side boards

Side-by-side boards allow you to work with multiple trains of thought without getting overwhelmed. It's one of the key aspects of the powerful workflow that the thought processor makes possible.

Compile boards into documents

In a thought processor, documents are produced by organizing content across multiple boards. This lets you divide and conquer large projects.

Compile boards to make documents

Speare makes it easy to divide and conquer any kind of writing project. For example, a book can be divided into separate boards based on chapter, letting you focus on each one individually. To put it together, just hit 'compile'.

It's a web app

Speare runs on all your devices. Simply, open up your browser on Android, iOS, Mac, or PC and sign in to use Speare.


As a web app, it runs on your Mac or PC. Speare's side-by-side boards really help you take advantage of the screen space.


Speare's UI is responsive to all screen sizes and works well with other technologies like Grammarly and speech-to-text.


Speare's modular writing system on a smartphone really makes speech-to-text come into its own.

* Speare works best in the Chrome browser.

More awesome features

Speare is always adding great features that help you to think and write better.


Side-by-side boards are great because you can see many boards in a single workspace. Spaces let you work with multiple workspaces and switch between them.

Find & Replace

Speare replaces the browser's built-in "find" feature with a more powerful find & replace tool. Just hit Ctrl+F.

Board History

Speare tracks all changes you make to your boards and lets you go back and retrieve content at random. It's more powerful than undo.

Building Blocks

Building blocks are containers for thoughts. Now you can connect thoughts to form valuable ideas.

Side-by-side Boards

Organize writing projects on boards and see the big picture all in one place.

Side-by-side Search

Now you can do multiple searches side-by-side and keep all of your writing boards up at the same time. Our search tools helps you filter and find everything you're looking for.

Projects & Collaboration

Organize your projects by grouping related boards. Form teams, and give members the access they need for successful collaboration.


Some things just go & chips, surf & boards. Why not writing & posting–all on the same platform? It just makes sense.


When you really want to say it right, re-working the thought will often improve it. Make variations while saving previous versions.

Paragraph Splitting

Collect your thoughts, then split  paragraphs to fine-tune and re-order individual sentences.


Track word-counts and thought-counts. Manage profiles, data, and licenses.

Document import & Export

Export to a variety of formats. This allows you to print a document or download a PDF, Word, or HTML file straight from any document within Speare.


Markdown is a super easy way to do some text-formatting without getting distracted from the main thing — writing. Don't worry, we've got a cheat sheet to help you get familiar with it.

Image & Video Support

Visual scanners are everybody's people group these days and Speare displays your pictures and videos beautifully. Up to 2GB storage included.

Move Tray

When you checkmark something in Speare, the Move Tray pops up and acts as a container for the items you have selected. To move, copy, and swap the selected content to a new location, simply drag and drop the Move Tray where you want your content to go. Boom! You’re done.

Text ideas from your smartwatch

Configure your Speare account to receive inbound text messages from your smartwatch, smartphone, or any other SMS-capable devices you own.

Ready to start texting your ideas to your thought library in Speare? You can find the feature in the "Manage Account" section of your profile.

Add your number to your Speare account.

Add Speare's number to your contacts.

Text Speare.

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