Write the way your brain thinks.

Speare is a place to work creatively with your thoughts. Brainstorming, organizing, outlining, writing, revising—it’s all faster and easier in Speare. Use it on your desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Everything stays in sync.

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How does your brain think?

The brain is capable of whipping up a storm of great ideas very quickly. To be realized, this creative potential requires a new kind of writing tool, one that can keep the pace and give you space to experiment. Speare does both.

With building blocks and side-by-side documents, you have the creative toolset you need to write the way your brain thinks.

Thoughts are building blocks.

Speare transforms your raw text into building blocks, which you can move around and organize simply by drag and drop.

Write your ideas as they come to you. With building blocks, your brain is free from the task of having to organize your thoughts before you write them down.

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Side-by-side documents

The brain thinks along a certain thread. That's the origin of the phrase, "train of thought".

But sometimes the brain works out of sequence or even on a different track. Rather than let your random thoughts derail you, take control of your separate trains of thought with side-by-side documents.

Make writing fun today.

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