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Speare is as easy as 1,2,3 — it works with the brain, not against it. 1. Quickly build a library of your thoughts so you never have to start from scratch again. 2. Turn your raw thoughts into anything you can imagine. 3. Share your content on your Speare Channel.

Speare is a web app that runs in your desktop browser on Mac and Windows, and in your mobile browser on your iPad, iPhone, Android phone, Android tablet, and Chromebook.

“Speare makes me feel like a writing ninja!”

Chris Brogan

CEO of Owner Media Group
“Speare gives me the tools and freedom to write and create the way that I think. It’s so refreshing to have a tool that works with me to create effectively and efficiently. It’s truly saving me hours of time with better quality outcomes.”

Jason Skinner

The Business Made Easy Podcast

1. Capture ideas throughout the day

Having a thought-library already in place and building on it daily is the optimal way to begin any writing project. Your new goal is to build a massive library of your thoughts by capturing your thoughts and ideas throughout the day. This library is what you'll draw on to create all your content. Speare will become your most used app because you've got great ideas.

2. Organize and create content

Your raw thoughts are the building blocks for every form of content that you create. Speare elevates your thoughts from mere paragraphs and sentences into building blocks that have more than just text editing capabilities. They can be rearranged so that you can communicate your ideas the way that your audience will appreciate the most.

3. Share your content on your Speare Channel

It's 2018. You should be able to have a place where you can post all forms of content, not just blog content, a place that you can organize to make it easy for your followers to navigate, a place where you can post chapters of your book, blog articles, how-to's, and even tweets. We've built that platform right into Speare. It's called Speare Channels.

Smart Features

Speare, the entrepreneur's word processor, enables you to capture and organize all of your content in one place, helping you to be more efficient and productive.

Elastic Text Box

Capturing thoughts and ideas quickly and succinctly is the first step in the efficient creation of content, and there's no better way to accomplish this than by writing in an elastic text box.

Building Blocks

In Speare, all your thoughts and ideas are encapsulated in building blocks that make it possible to work with your thoughts and ideas to generate carefully crafted content that you can organize and re-purpose for all your marketing needs.

Side-by-side Documents

Documents that you can see and work with simultaneously. Comes in handy when a project requires more than 1 document to keep things organized.

Paragraph Splitting

Separate the sentences within any paragraph. This allows you to quickly rearrange the flow of information within a paragraph or add or take away ideas…or both.


Find content quickly. Search for documents or individual thoughts and find them in a jiffy.


Format your content. Markdown is a standard way to add formatting to your content. Turn ordinary text into headers, bold, italics etc.


Group related documents into a project. This helps you stay organized and allows you to instantly open or close a group of documents within a project.


Share projects with a team to collaborate with others. Makes content creation within companies, teams, or student groups simple.

Blog Channel

Post any document to a Speare blog channel. When you create an account, you automatically receive 1 blog channel to post content to.

Document Export

Export to a variety of formats. This allow you to print a document or download a PDF, Word, or HTML file straight from any document within Speare.

Activity Monitor

See your activity and statistics. Easily track how many words you’ve written on any document.

Images and Video Support

Work with more than just text. Speare lets you add images and video directly inside any document.


Create content for all forms of writing...

Email Drips

...and anything else that you dream up!

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