About Us

Our Story

Over the past few years, it has become rather obvious to us that people are more comfortable with texting, than with any other writing interface. You can quickly submit your thoughts and ideas from anywhere, at anytime, day or night. We believed that we we're seeing a fundamental change in the way people write.

This change raised a number of questions. We knew that simply sending out opinions via texting and social media to all our friends was not a writing solution. We asked ourselves,"What if you could write real content in the same way that you text your friends, but send it to yourself. What if you could pick up the message bubbles and move them around? And what would it be like if this kind of writing could be incorporated into a word processor?"

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Our Team

We're a family of entrepreneurs who've teamed up to provide the world a powerful new writing tool, the hybrid word processor. We're a little different than your typical startup, for one thing, most of us have the same last name and a lot of us live at the same address, which is where we work too. This is a pretty convenient arrangement for us as creative work happens round the clock and nobody has a long commute.

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