Speare Support posted on Feb 13 2017 3:08AM

Texting Thoughts (Tx)

More people use text messaging than word processors. It's simply the best way to communicate your thoughts. Period.

The thought processor encapsulates thoughts in individual blocks making it easy to organize at a moments notice. This feature gives you the freedom to get your thoughts written down the moment they pop up because you have a place to quickly put them and you have the ability to move them around with ease, if the thought belongs elsewhere. So why not text your thoughts to your thought processor? Here are the steps for texting your thoughts from your smartwatch or hands-free smartphone.

1. Log into your Speare account at https://speare.com

2. Select the profile button in the top right corner of the title bar of the Speare web app

3. Select the "Manage Account" link

4. Scroll to the "My SMS Numbers" section and follow the instructions for texting your account

Note: When you add your phone number to your Speare account, make sure to put your country code in front of your phone number otherwise it won't work. The country code for the United States and Canada is 1.

5. Then add the name "Speare" and the texting number 17732737006 to your contacts so that you can text your account from your smartphone or smartwatch.

Now you can say "Siri text Speare" or "Bixby text Speare" from your iOS or Android respectively.

Note: When we tested the various Android Smartwatches, they didn't always pick up on the name "Speare" correctly. They will often interpret Speare as Speer or Spear and will be unable to find "Speare" in the contacts list. We suggest that if you run into this problem, simply remove the "e" at the end and it will work.

We use Google assistant for hands-free note-taking on our Andoid phones and Bixby on our Galaxy watches and Siri on our Apple products. Hands-free writing is a great tool for capturing ideas quickly.