Speare Support posted on Feb 13 2017 3:08AM

Saving Your Content as a PDF

Exporting content you've written in Speare and sharing it as a PDF.

Once you've created your content in Speare, you're probably going to want to share it with others. There are several ways you can do this.
  • as a draft link.

  • posting it to your Speare channel.

  • copying it and pasting it into another third-party app.

  • or creating a PDF.

1. Compile your content

To share content, you will need to compile the content first. You can either compile a single board by selecting the "Compile" icon at the top of the board to the left of the "More" button. The compile icon looks like the following...

Or, if your content is made up of two or more boards, then you must select the "Compile" icon to the right of the black "New Board" button in the top right corner of Speare.

2. Explore your options

When you compile your content into a document, you'll see three options for getting your content out of Speare—found in the top right corner of the document window. These will allow you to copy the document, print it, or create a draft of it (which becomes a link that you can share).

3. To create a PDF

Select the printer icon next to the blue "Create Draft" button.

The print preview window will pop up. You can set the sizing and the number of copies and other advanced features using the browsers built-in print settings panel as shown on the left in the following image.

From the print settings panel, select the printer selection dropdown. Note: in this version of my browser it is calling this printer selection dropdown "Destionation". You will find the PDF selection in the printer selection dropdown as you see below.

Select "Save as PDF"... Then click the "Save" button to save it as a PDF.

Note: If the image does not show up correctly simply hit the back arrow in the browser and click the "Save" button again or hit the back arrow and then right-click the page to bring up the default browser menu and select "Print" from that menu and then select "Save as PDF".