Speare Support posted on Feb 13 2017 3:08AM

How to Merge and Split Building Blocks

Every entry in Speare is turned into a building block that can be moved, merged, split, edited, etc. You can write down a new idea at any moment, on any board, at any place. You can also easily move building blocks out of the way or move them to the exact location where they belong.

This article will demonstrate how to merge and split building blocks.

Splitter Toggle Icon

To merge or split building blocks in Speare, you need to become familiar with the "Splitter" toggle icon in the top right corner of every building block.

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

Figure 1 is a picture of a closed building block.

Figure 2 is the picture of an open building block after the Splitter toggle icon has been clicked.

To close an open building block, simply click the Splitter toggle icon.

The difference between "closed" and "open" mode, is that in open mode, you can drag the individual sentences around inside the building block and you can drag in or out any building blocks you want included in or excluded from the building block.

Note: you can edit a building block when it is in either open or closed mode simply by clicking the text in the building block.

Merging Building Blocks

To merge two building blocks...
  1. Click the Splitter toggle icon in one of the building blocks to open it.

  2. Drag the closed building block on top of the open building block.

Note: when you drag a building block on top of an open building block, you will see a horizontal blue bar appear above or below the open building block. This horizontal blue bar indicates how the building blocks will be joined. If the horizontal blue bar is below the open building block, then the dragged building block will be merged below the open block. If the horizontal blue bar is above the open block then the dragged building block will be merged above it.

Fig. 3

In figure 3, there are two building blocks. The top building block is closed and the bottom building block is open.

The top building block is being dragged on top of the lower building block. This is done by selecting the circle checkmark to the right of the building block and then dragging the blue tray above the lower building block.

While dragging the blue tray, the horizontal blue bar indicates that if the dragged building block is dropped, it will be merged as the first sentence, in this case, when the two building blocks are merged.

Figure 4 below indicates that when the blue tray is released, the dragged building block will be merged as the second sentence when the two are merged.

Fig. 4

Figure 5 below shows that the dragged building block was dropped and merged as the first sentence with the lower building block.

Fig. 5

When you click the "Splitter" toggle icon, the two building blocks become a paragraph in a closed building block as shown in Figure 6 below.

Fig. 6

Note: you can open a building block and drag and drop as many other building blocks into it as you need. You can also drag and drop more than one other building block at a time by first checkmarking multiple building blocks and then dragging the move tray onto the open building block.

Splitting Building Blocks

Splitting a building block is a much simpler idea to demonstrate. The steps are...
  1. Click the "Splitter" toggle icon on the building block you want to split

  2. Click the "Checkmark" of the building block that you want to move out.

  3. Drag the "Move" tray to the location you want to move the block to.

Note: you can move the building block within the open block or to any location above or below the open building block or to a different board altogether.

Fig. 7

Figure 7 above shows the dragging out of the first sentence in the open paragraph block. When the blue tray is released, the building blocks will look like Figure 8.

Fig. 8

To collapse or close the open building block, simply click the "Splitter" icon on the open building block.