Speare Support posted on Feb 13 2017 3:08AM

Indenting Building Blocks

The following image depicts five building blocks all at the same level.

As an example, let's say we want to indent the second block. We must first select the second block as shown in the following image. Note: You can see that there is a red selection tray at the bottom of the board indicating the function that will be performed if the tray is moved to a new location. In this case, 1 building block will be moved.

Then we drag the red selection tray on top of "Building Block #1" so that we can see the blue outline around the block. Note: when you move the selection tray, it goes gray and now you're moving a smaller tray. This is to make the move tray easier to place on a smaller screen.

When the selection tray is dropped, it will nest (or indent) Building Block #2 under Building Block #1.

To restore the indented Building Block #2 to its original position, we need to select the building block so that the red selection tray appears.

Then as we move the selection tray you'll see a blue horizontal line appear. The width of the blue line indicates how wide the building block will be when the red tray is dropped. If we released the red selection tray at this point, nothing will change because Building Block #2 and the blue line are the same length.

However, if you continue to move the red selection tray up, it will snap to the same width as Building Block #1.

When we release the red tray at this point, Building Block #2 will be the same width as Building Block #1. You can see that we have restored Building Block #2 to its original position.

Let's say that we wanted to nest Building Blocks #2 through Building Block #5. We would first want to select each of the building blocks we are moving. Note: there is a quick trick to selecting multiple blocks. Here it is... Click Building Block #2 first and then hold the Shift key and click Building Block #5. Now all the building blocks in between are selected.

Now you can move the selection tray on top of Building Block #1 until the building block is outlined in blue.

When you release the multi-selection, it will now nest all the items under Building Block #1.

You can deeply nest items by selecting Building Block #3 and moving it on top of Building Block #2.

When the red selection tray hovering over Building Block #2 is dropped, you'll see a cascading outline effect.

Explore moving building blocks around and pay attention to the blue line as you do.