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Feb 13 2017 3:08AM

How To Create External Links

Example: [Custom Caption] (URL)

  1. Put the link caption in open and close brackets [ ].

  2. Put the URL in the open and close parenthesis ( ).

  3. Make sure there is no space between the close bracket and open parenthesis.

  • [link to Speare] (https://speare.com)

  • The link will look and work like this link to Speare.

Sometimes you might want to have a link inside your document that refers to an outside source. Here is an excerpt from a book we're writing at Speare that includes links in a paragraph to outside sources.

Johannes Gutenberg changed the world. Many publications list Gutenberg as the most influential person in the last millennium, as these links show. How could a humble 15th Century craftsman affect the course of civilization so dramatically? By virtue of a single invention: the printing press, he attained the status that we now acclaim. This was the spark that transformed education, technology, and culture. It ushered in the modern era of exponential growth and unprecedented prosperity.

Here's what the guts of the above paragraph looks like when we "Split" it open in Speare. Note: you can split a paragraph by clicking the down arrow in the top left corner of any building block."


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