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Feb 13 2017 3:08AM

How To Create a Table of Contents (TOC)

  1. Put the document caption in open and close brackets [ ].

  2. Put the "!" and document caption in the open and close parenthesis (! ).

  3. Make sure there is no space between the close bracket and open parenthesis.


If I have a document titled, "The Secrets to Writing are Amazingly Simple," I would put my custom title in open and closed brackets like this [Amazing Writing Secrets] and I would put the actual title of the book in parenthesis like this (!The Secrets to Writing are Amazingly Simple) with an exclamation point at the beginning of the title. The link should look like the following.

[Amazing Writing Secrets] (!The Secrets to Writing are Amazingly Simple)

Note: Make sure there is no space between the close bracket and the open parenthesis in the link.

The exclamation tells Speare to open the document.

If you don't include the exclamation point, it becomes a "document filter link."

A TOC (Table of Contents) document link opens a document from within your Speare account. The beauty in this feature is that you can create a list of document links in a TOC that can be used to open other documents. In this way, you can create a document that is your TOC and have it linked to other documents that represent each chapter of your book.

The document to the left in the above image is a Table of Contents. It contains links to each chapter of a book. Note: Each chapter is a separate document in Speare.

Creating a TOC document link is very similar to creating an external link. Instead of adding a URL, you simply add the title of the document.


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