Speare Support posted on Feb 13 2017 3:08AM

How to Write in Speare

Speare has taken the most prolific communication interface the world has ever known—text messaging and turned it into a powerful tool for writing.

Not only does this method vastly improve your ability to get your thoughts and ideas written down quickly on the computer and smartphone but the flexibility built into Speare is also great at enabling you to become adept at assembling content, drafts, and documents super fast.

Let's take a look at a couple of ways to get started writing in Speare.

Where it all starts

Just like text messaging, Speare has you start writing at the bottom of a board. But before we get too far along we need to open up a new board so we can start exploring the writing model.

Opening a new board

We can open a new board in two ways from the "Workspace" menu bar depicted above. The first and probably most obvious way is to click the "New Board" button on the far right of the "Workspace" menu bar. The second more subtle way is to click the plus button next to the trashcan on the "Boards" panel.

Once you've done either of those two things, a new "Untitled" board will pop up in the workspace. As immediately indicated on the board itself, you're instructed to "Click inside the text box below and start writing." Each time you hit Enter, whatever you've written will be encapsulated in a building block on the board.


When you start writing and the text begins to wrap to the next line, the text box automatically expands to accommodate the text. The image below shows a paragraph of wrapped text inside the expanded text box.

To commit the paragraph to the board simply press Enter or hit the plus icon to the right of the text box.

Now that that block of text is entered on the board you can write your next paragraph of thought. So you can flow writing paragraph after paragraph just like you might in other writing applications.

Note: everything you write in Speare becomes part of your searchable thought library. That means, even if you decide you don't need a particular building block of thought, you can drag and drop it off the board and it will be accessible if you need it later. For more detailed information about your personal thought library, watch our video on "The Speare Thought Library".

Pasting content into Speare

Any time you want to put content into a board from another application, you can copy the text from the third-party document and paste it into the text box at the bottom of the board.

Note: If you happen to copy a newline at the end of a paragraph, Speare will automatically commit the paragraph to the board. If your copy selection doesn't contain a newline character at the end of the paragraph, then you'll have to hit enter to commit the paragraph to the board.

Editing and Moving Building Blocks

I should probably mention at this time that you can click any block of text you've entered to edit it. As soon as you click the block, it turns into an edit box so you can edit the content to your heart's content.

If you want to change the placement of a block of text, you can drag and drop the block of text wherever you want on the board or off the board.

To learn more about Editing and Moving, check out our videos on these subjects.

Inline writing

By default every time you write something in the text box and hit Enter, Speare puts that text at the bottom of the list of building blocks on the board.

At first, this is probably how you're going to start writing for the most part. But rather than having to drag and drop the building blocks of text into position each time you want to put blocks of text between other blocks of text, what if you could have Speare enter the content at a specific location on the board. Well, there happens to be a way to do this.

To set the location of where you want the blocks of text to be placed upon entry, drag and drop the plus icon to the right of the text box to any location on the board.

When you drop the "Place textbox" button at the location you want, you'll see a faux text box at that location. You'll still be writing from the bottom of the board, but now every time you hit enter, Speare will place the new block of text at that location and will push the faux text box under the newly entered block of text. Here's what the faux text box looks like...

When you've finished entering all the blocks of text you want at that location, you can move the faux text box to a new location or you can close it by hitting the blue close button inside the faux text box.


Because Speare encapsulates everything you write in small paragraph-sized blocks, you can write down new thoughts and ideas the moment they pop up and move them to where they need to go. That way you've captured the thought instead of potentially losing it by trying to hang on to it in your mind.

Another thing to think about is that you'll be more succinct in your writing if you count thoughts instead of words. What I mean by this is that word count goals tend to encourage you to ramble at which point you have to go back and "kill your darlings" as they say. Thought count goals encourage you to capture all your thoughts and you don't have to ever kill them, because it doesn't hurt your thought library to keep them.