Speare Support posted on Feb 13 2017 3:08AM

Working with Spaces

Spaces make switching between various trains of thought or writing projects quick and easy.

A Space is a "collection of boards" that you're either currently working on or have worked with previously and saved. Typically, when working on a writing project, you may have related boards such as research notes, an outline, brainstorming ideas, drafts, image gallery board, etc... that all belong together as a project in a viewable space. When you work with a large writing project, Spaces become very handy because you can get back to the collection and the configuration of the boards quickly.

Speare allows you to create as many Spaces as you need. Note: Speare Basic only allows 1 Space. To be able to create and work with more than one Space, you must use Speare Pro.

The Spaces feature allows you to create and switch between different collections of boards quickly and easily. Here's how to do that...

The Spaces Page

First, to access the Spaces page, select the "Spaces" menu item from the main menu in the Speare web app.

When you click on the Spaces menu item listed just below the Boards menu item, you'll see a list of all the Spaces in your account.

From the Spaces page, you can click on any Space to jump to it and automatically load all the boards into that Space in the order they were last arranged and begin working with them. (Note: when you rearrange the boards in the Spaces view, you will see that the boards will be rearranged in the Spaces list.)

Spaces with a bold outline indicate Spaces that are currently loaded into memory and can be found in open in the Spaces dropdown list.

Creating a Space

There are two places you can create Spaces from—from the Spaces page and from inside the Spaces dropdown.

Spaces page

To create a Space from the Spaces page, use the following steps...
  1. Select "Spaces" from the main Speare web app menu in the top left corner

  2. Select the blue plus button in the top right-hand corner of the Spaces page.

  3. Select "Rename" from the "More" to the right of the newly created "Untitled" space

  4. Rename the "Untitled" Space with a name that represents the boards you'll open in that Space.

  5. Click on the newly created Space to jump to that view

  6. Open any documents you want into that view

After opening some boards into that Space, you can go back to the Spaces page by clicking the "Spaces" menu item on main Speare web app menu. When you do this, you'll see the newly created board with its list of open boards.

Another place that you can create Spaces at is on the Spaces dropdown list.

Spaces dropdown list

In the top left corner of the Space to the right of the Boards panel is Spaces dropdown. When you click the dropdown you will see a large blue circle with a plus symbol in it. This is a "Create Space" button. Click the "Create a new space" plus button to create an "Untitled" Space. Then use steps 3 to 6 above to rename the space and add boards to it.

The Spaces dropdown list is one of 2 ways to switch between Spaces on the desktop. 1) the Spaces dropdown list and 2) the "Spaces" page by selecting the "Spaces" menu item from the main Speare menu.

Switching Spaces

To switch from one Space to another, click the name of the Space you want to switch to from either the Spaces dropdown list or from the Spaces page itself.

Spaces dropdown list

Spaces page

Renaming a Space

To rename a Space, click the "More" button to the right of the Space title on the Spaces page (the three vertical dots). Then select the "Rename" menu item.

Note: you cannot rename a Space from within the Spaces dropdown. You must be on the Spaces page to do so."

Removing a Space from the Dropdown

To remove a Space from the Dropdown, simply click the "x" to the right of the Space on the Space dropdown list.

Deleting a Space

Note: deleting a Space does not delete boards from the boards panel.

To delete a Space, go to the Spaces page and select the "More" button to the right of the Space you want to delete. Then select the "Delete" menu item.

An Example Use of Spaces

Let's say you're at work in a collaborative setting trying to stay on track with a writing project you are responsible for... You might want to create 4 spaces for 4 specific situations. The 4 spaces might have the following titles...
  1. General Workspace

  2. My Writing Project

  3. Project Feedback

  4. Collaborative Projects

These 4 Spaces allow you to switch between boards in different spaces quickly and get back to your main writing project at hand.

For example, as you're working in the "My Writing Project" space, you might have a few things that come up unrelated to your project that you need to take notes on. You can switch to the "General Workspace" and enter those notes and bounce back to the "My Writing Project".

Then maybe you want someone to take a look at what you've got written so far in your Writing Project and they give you some feedback. You can store the feedback in the "Project Feedback" space.

And throughout the day, you'll probably be recruited to collaborate with others on their projects, so you can record that content in the "Collaborative Projects" space.

As I've stated above, Speare lets you create as many Spaces as you need. Because Speare is a building block paradigm, Speare gives you the most flexibility to create the kind of workspaces you need to accomplish all the things on your plate in a way that makes the most sense for you.

Feel free to explore ways to organize your writing in Spaces that work best for you.