Speare Support posted on Feb 13 2017 3:08AM

How to open Menus in Speare

Speare is a minimalist application. There is no massive ribbon with all the functions on it. Speare keeps all related menu items on context menus. That means if you're wanting to do something with a building block, all the menu items related to that building block type will be in a context menu. If you want to do something with a board, all the menu items that relate to boards will be in its context menu.

The "More" Button

The "More" button is only in two locations in the web app—in the Boards panel list and on individual boards.

Context Menus

Context menus are brought up by right-clicking the item (board panel titles, board title, blocks). The More buttons on Board panel titles and the Boards themselves bring up the main menus with their respective menu items. 

There are context menus in various places in Speare. Here is the current list...
  1. Boards in the Boards panel

  2. Title bars on individual boards

  3. Building blocks

Boards in the Boards panel

To access the context menu for a board on the Boards panel, you can either right-click the board in the list or click the "More" icon.

Title bars on individual boards

The menu items on this context menu are in relation to the board you clicked. If you click the "Close boards to the right" menu item, all boards right of the one you clicked will be closed leaving the board your clicked and the ones left of it open.

Building blocks

The menu items on the building block context menu apply specifically to the building block you selected and to the building blocks nested under this building block.