Speare Support posted on Feb 13 2017 3:08AM

How to "Export" Content from Speare

The best way to "export" your work from Speare is to compile it and then copy and paste it into the third-party application you want to "export" to.

Speare gives you the ability to store, search, and share the content you create all within Speare. For example, you can compile your content and then created a draft and share the link to the draft with anyone you want. But sometimes you may want to publish your content on third-party platforms or applications without having to send a link to them.

You've captured and organized your thoughts and ideas in building blocks on boards. You've even arranged the boards in the current Space just the way you want them to read in a document, which was super easy to do. But, now you want to post that content on some other platform. How do you turn this content into something you can export?

Here's how to do this...

  1. Compile your work
    a. Single board compile

    Select the "Compile" button at the top of a board (indicated by the orange arrow) to compile a single board in preview mode.

    The compile board button at the top right of a board

    b. Multiple board compile
    Select the compile button to the far right of the Space title bar (indicated by the blue arrow) to compile the entire space.

    The compile space button next to the "New Board" button on the Space title bar

  2. Copy the Preview Window

    Select the "Copy" icon to the left of the print icon (indicated by the green arrow) to copy the content in the preview window.

  3. Paste into third-party application

    Open the third-party application and then paste the copied content into it.