Speare Support posted on Feb 13 2017 3:08AM

How to Edit in Speare

Editing Building Blocks

Editing building blocks in Speare is super easy. Just a simple click of the building block and you're in edit mode. You can use all the common editing keyboard commands and mouse controls to edit with such as text selection, cut, copy, paste, backspace, etcetera. But what makes Speare different from other writing tools in terms of editing are the different views you can be in when you edit. Here are a few...

Paragraph mode

The following image depicts two building blocks a block formatted as a header and a block with a paragraph of text in it.

To edit the paragraph of text in the lower building block, simply click the building block itself. You'll now be in edit mode and the building block changes its background and border color to reflect that, as shown below.

Now you can use the common keyboard commands and mouse controls to select, edit and/or delete content.

Exiting edit mode

To get out of edit mode, you either hit Enter or click outside the building block.

Split mode

There's another mode that lets you work with the paragraph block as a list of sentences or sub building blocks. This mode is called "Split" mode.

To access this mode, click the "Expand/Collapse" toggle icon in the top-right corner of the building block.

When you click the "Expand/Collapse" button, Speare separates each sentence in the paragraph into their respective sub-building blocks so that you can better work with the paragraph at the sentence level. Not only will you be able to edit just the one sentence, you'll also be able to drag and drop it anywhere within the paragraph to change the order of the sentences or you can remove it from the paragraph altogether by dragging and dropping it outside of the building block or even outside the board.

The above image shows a list of separated sentence blocks. The second block in the list has been clicked and is in edit mode. You can see this because of the blue outline. I've also selected the phrase, "you're in edit mode" to demonstrate that the block is indeed in edit mode.

To change the editing focus, simply select another building block.

To go back to the paragraph building block mode, select the "Expand/Collapse" toggle icon again.

Solo mode

If you've got a building block that you want to focus on without having the surrounding blocks in view, you've got another option called "Solo" mode.

Solo mode singles out the one building block hiding all the others on the board so you can focus on the one block.

To access "Solo" mode, right-click the building block and select the "Solo" menu item from the context menu.

When you select "Solo", you'll now be looking at the one building block only on the board and all the other building blocks will be hidden.

To go back to the full board view, select the left arrow in the top-left corner of the board.

Deleting a block

Sometimes you may want to delete a building block rather than keep it around in your thought library. Note: we generally recommend not getting too used to deleting building blocks because you might delete something you'll want to use later. So it's better to just move the block off the board and let it create and sit on another board.

To delete a building block, right-click it and select the "Delete" menu item from the context menu.

Try out the different view modes and explore different uses for them. Once you see how they work, you'll be able to select the right one for the editing task at hand.

Extra Material

Editing is not only about going back and correcting a spelling mistake, rewording something, grammar correction or eliminating something altogether. It's also about organizing thoughts, filling in missing parts, and preserving original thoughts. It can also be about giving yourself the chance to swap out different ways of saying something and choosing between them.

From developmental editing to line editing and copy editing, Speare gives you different ways to edit your content making the editing process enjoyable and fun. You can learn more about features that support these different editing tasks in vidoes like "How to Revise building blocks", "How to Swap nested blocks", "How to Move building blocks" and more.