Speare Support posted on Feb 13 2017 3:08AM

How to Compile and Preview Your Work

Speare is a thought processor. It's a writing tool that balances linear structure with non-linear thinking allowing you to naturally work with the writing process professional writers use.

Writing instructors enforce the rules of the writing process with their students—write down your ideas, organize them, rewrite, edit, format, present. It feels like a painful process, and it is when you use word processors. Most people sit down and write one draft—the final draft. They feel like don't have time for the writing process.

"Life is too short to waste time trying to implement the writing process with a word processor." - Me

But with a thought processor, these steps become natural.

How? Speare is a thought processor that uses the most natural way of capturing, organizing, and compiling your ideas—building blocks on boards. And because your thoughts are in building blocks, they need to be compiled in order to create a document.

Here's how it all works...

  1. Write down your thoughts and ideas.

    Everything you write in Speare is automatically captured in movable building blocks on boards.

  2. Organize the building blocks in logical order.

    If you're working on a larger writing project, subdivide it into smaller sections with a board for each section. Organize your thoughts for each section. Then organize the "section" boards from left to right.

  3. Select the "Compile" button at the top of a board to compile a single board in preview mode. Or select the compile button to the far right of the Space title bar to compile the entire space.

    The compile board button

    The compile space button

Now you have options...

  1. To Copy/Paste or "Export" Content — Select the "Copy" icon to the left of the print icon to copy the content in the preview window and then paste the copied content into a third-party application like MS Word or Google Docs.

    Note: this is the best way to "export" your content to a third-party application from Speare.

  2. To Print Content — Select the "Printer" icon to print out the content or to create a PDF.

    Note: the printer selection dropdown on the print preview page has a "Save as PDF" selection.

  3. To Create and Save a Draft — Select the "Create Draft" button to save a draft and create a link to the draft. You can now share the link to the draft.

    Note: You can also see all of your drafts in the Drafts list by selecting "Drafts" from the Main menu in Speare.