Speare Support posted on Feb 13 2017 3:08AM

How to Collaborate on a Project

When you work with others on writing projects, there are times you may want to see and comment on content being developed by your colleagues before it is published.

By default, content written in Speare can only be seen by the owner of the account. However, if you are working with colleagues on a project in Speare, you can create a Speare Messages channel, add members to it and collaborate via a Speare Messages channel.

Collaboration in Speare uses a Design Thinking model where everyone's content remains intact and no one has the right to modify anyone else's work. In other words, if one person writes some content, and someone else comes along and tries to modify that content in any way, they will be unable to. They can, however, make a copy of the original work and modify it in another building block so that you can see the original work and the modification in a new building block on the channel.

Note: Message building blocks on a collaboration channel can never be modified. They can only be edited or modified as copied versions of the original.

Note: Boards can be read by everyone on the channel that has access to the board link, but only the owner of the board can make modifications to the board.

Collaboration in Speare

There are 6 basic steps to get you up and running with collaborating in Speare. Here they are...

Create a Speare Messages Channel

  1. Select the Main Menu in the top left corner of the Speare web app.

  2. Select the "Messages" menu item.

  3. Click the "New Channel" button under the channels filter.

  4. Enter a name for the channel in the "Create a new channel" text box.

  5. Hit the "Confirm" button.

Add Speare Users to the Channel

  1. From the Channels list, click the channel you want to add users to.

  2. Click the "Add User" icon in the top right corner of the Channel.

    Note: Your account will automatically be added to the user list.

  3. Click the "Add People" button.

  4. Enter the email that your colleague is using for their Speare account.

    Note: your colleague must have an account with Speare and the email you use to collaborate with them must be the one that they use for their Speare account.

  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to add all the team members you want on this channel.

Message Users on the Channel

  1. If you are on the Channel Users list, click the arrow in the top left corner to go back to the Channel Thread.

    Note: you will know that you are on the Channel thread when you see the "Send a message" text box at the bottom of the Messages board.

  2. In the "Send a message" text box at the bottom of the Channel thread, enter a message letting your colleagues know that you have set up a new messaging account for collaboration.

    Note: when you send a message, a bouncing red ball will appear on the Speare main menu icon indicating that they have a message. When they click the main menu with the bouncing ball, they will see a red message count next the Messages menu item.

  3. At this point, you can communicate back and forth with your colleagues on this channel using a "text messaging" model.

    Note: you can keep the channel closed when you are not using it. Speare will let you know when there is a new message for you on the channel.

Add Board Links to the Channel

  1. Open the Channel Message thread by clicking the Main Menu in the top left corner of the Speare web app, then click the "Messaging" menu item and then click the Channel you want to work with.

  2. Open the Boards panel by selecting the Main Menu icon in the top left corner of the Speare web app, then click the "Boards" menu item.

  3. Select the board(s) from the Boards panel that you want to share by clicking the respective board icon(s) in the Boards panel list.

  4. Then drag and drop the blue "Selection" tray onto the main section of the Channel Message thread.

    Note: the main section of the Channel Message thread is the section between the title of the Channel and the text box at the bottom of the Message thread. Even if there are building blocks in that section, you can drop the "Board links" right on top of them.

Viewing Boards on the Channel

  1. The best practice when viewing boards is to make sure you are in a Space that is relevant to the board(s) you are opening. If you need a new Space, simply click the Spaces icon in the top left corner of the Spaces section, then click the "Create a new space" menu item and rename the new "Untitled" space by clicking on the name in the top left corner of the Space.

  2. If the channel thread has a board link in it, simply click the board link to open the board in the current Space.

Making a Duplicate of the Board You Can Edit

  1. Click the "More" button (the three vertical dots) in the top right corner of the board.

  2. Click the "Duplicate board" menu item.

    Note: the changes and modifications you make on this duplicated board are only visible to you unless you add the board link to the channel so that others can see your changes.

    Best practice: when collaborating with someone on a board, make the changes to the duplicated board and then drag and drop the board from the Board's panel to the message thread.  You only need to do this once. Once the board link is in the message thread, every change will be reflected in the board for all parties on the thread to see. Or another way to share changes with your team is to drag and drop the building block(s) from the duplicated board back onto the message thread so that the owner of the board can accept the changes or not.

Drag and Drop Content To and From the Channel

  • You can drag and drop building blocks from open boards in your Space to the message thread and vice versa.

    Note: the building blocks you drag from a board or the message thread will not remove the block from the board or thread.

  • You can drag images from your Space or the message thread.

  • You can also drag and drop board links from the message thread. In this case, the board link will not open the board immediately, it will only drop the board link onto a board and then you can click the board link.

Filter the Channel for Content You're Looking For

  1. Open the channel you want to search for content on.

  2. Enter the keyword or phrase of the content you're looking for in the "Filter messages" text box at the top of the message thread.

    A list of the matching results will appear in the message thread.

    Click the "X" in the right edge of the "Filter messages" text box to reset the text box and perform another search, if desired.